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  1. Jeff Yates says:

    I love Michael D’s for breakfast! The deck is awesome in the summer. Great food, and they even carry the fancy creamer for your coffee! If you have never been, your missing out!

  2. mary and Ron luke says:

    Healthy, clean, “d” licious food in Coeur d’Alene Idaho thank you Michael and staff will see you often.

  3. Rick says:

    Our family loves any opportunity to eat at Michael D’s. The food always satisfies and the service never disappointments. The best part…you feel like you are home! My personal favorites are the Market Spice tea and banana’s foster dessert.

  4. Jan says:

    Michael d’s is awesome breakfast and lunch ..and now they are open for burgers and beers till 8 ish!

  5. Tim Elder says:

    Best breakfast and service in town! “Fact” “Eat SUMPTN”. !

  6. Brian Dan says:

    After working there as a cook for a couple of years back in the early days, I’ve learned some valuable breakfast techniques. My wife always compliments me on my breakfast skills. But as hard as I try, it’s still not as good as I remember. One thing’s for sure, however, you won’t find any “Dockside eggs” at my house. ;)

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